Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Budget Lip Grip

Quite sometime back a few of us got a budget lip grip from fishing buddy,if i'm not wrong they call it alive lip grip. They are going at $28.00SGD, with weighting scale and Stainless Steel build. The only down part will be e weighting scale need to adjust the zeroing. It lasted us for a few months liao still working well.....

For the price you won't go wrong hahahaha.

The good news is..... now deepsea brings in the same grip but selling at just $19.00SGD lol.

Length = 243mm
Made with Marine Graded Stainless Steel
Function of Adjusting Scale to Zero
15 kg Weighting Scale
Rubberized Grip for firmer grasp
Main tube contain a precision scale.


  1. I have had a few sets of these in the past, The sea ones with the digital scales are the best in my opinion, Only thing is we dont use them for coarse fishing, And definatly not for Piking, Yet they are the safest way for gripping fish,
    Cheers Alan,

  2. alan, may i ask how the "gripping" quality of this cheap alternative to boga? thanks

  3. You can't compare it with the boga bro lol the boga is way more better then this. but if you got budget this will be a good choice.

  4. Hey bro where can i get this grip ?

  5. Used on a 5kg shark the two grip nuah already.
    I got at FB for $15

  6. Mine still working well :)
    Anyway for the price what can you ask for:)