Monday, October 25, 2010

Testing out the prototpye lure

Yesterday went fishing with aylwin and at the sametime try out some new lures that hock heng is ganna bring in soon.

weather was bad yesterday lol when we reach it rain lol, only manage to hit a small PB.

Will start to prepare my post for my rompin trip kekeke but it will still take sometime for my to load it up cos of the videos hahaha.


  1. The lures look nice bro... when pass me kekeke

  2. Great fish to catch on a test lure,
    Looking forward to your next post Alan,

  3. TT hahaha, we have at least 7 model of lure to come in but you still need to wait for a few month to get them kekeke.

    Hi thanks Paddy

    all the best to you too.