Friday, October 22, 2010

Not feeling well....

Will be resting... for awhile guys. will post my rompin trip report soon when i fully recover

This month don't know see how many time doctor liao..... i even went to TTH A&E LOL, last night after work i went to a chinese clinic near my hse but i forgot to bring my IC lol. Here comes the funny part the doctor say i don't have IC can't see doctor BUT I CAN BUY medicine. I was like WTF is i don't see a doctor how the hell am i know what medicine to take lol.


  1. Sorry to hear your not well Alan, But LMFAO when i read you could get the meds but not see the Doctor,
    Get well soon my friend,

  2. Get well soon bro.... bring ur ic next time..

  3. Thanks guys, i'm getting better liao. this afternoon i went out to kill some itch hahaha.