Friday, June 18, 2010

Pole crabbing nite

Few days ago when i got back home from work and just finished my dinner alvin gave me a call, saying that he was around my area asked if i want to join them for crabbing at the Prawnning pond near to my place. The one which was located in the
Former Singapore Badminton Hall

Links for the details of the pond

First visit to the pond

I took a 10mins walk over to the place lol and found out that they are not prawnning kekeke they were crabbing with poles, hmmm i had never try that before. Alvin pass 1 of the rod for me to try , for the first 15mins i felt so bored as i am not catching anything hahaha. But soon when i found out how it was done i think i land 4 that night.


bryan was the champ that night he landed the most crabs, just don't know why the crabs just love to be hooked by him at that single spot.




hmmm I felt that crabbing do not have the fun like prawnning as the crabs don't pull back, you are just pulling dead weight lol . But i think there is some kinda fun out of just catching them on hooks .

Total catch on that night was 11 if i'm not wrong

Well visit that place again for crabbing i guess

Real soon lol

Oh ya this are also part of our catches that night kekeke

Landed by bryan "bu lai enn"


  1. hey??why never say those starfish were caugh by me ???huh?.......bu lai enn here......

  2. HAHAHA ok i'll edit the post kekeke