Sunday, November 1, 2009

Singapore Prawn Fishing in Geylang

Just to share with you guys there is prawning pond just open in gaylang, very near to my hse hahaha. AG, momok and TT when are we doing....... better be fast just open sure catch rate very good de

There are a total of 6 ponds in their compound, 5 for freshwater prawns and 1 for freshwater Lobster (Yabby). Will update some photos if i'm going....

Click here for photos of the place

100 Guillemard Road
Singapore 399718
(Former Singapore Badminton Hall)

1 hour - $15.00

2 hours - $25.00

3 hours - $30.00

•Time remaining can be used for the next visit within 24 hours from the time when you leave our premises
•Storing of remaining time can only be used once
•For visits after 24 hours, topping up of MINIMUM 1 hour is required to reactivate the stored time

15hrs - $130.00

•VIP Card Holders are entitled to a maximum of 2 rods for the usage of 15 hours
•Minimum usage is 1 hour per rod
•Full hour will be charged for usage below 1 hour
•Combination usage of 2 rods for half hour each is NOT allowed
•VIP Holders are not required to reactivate their remaining time until the 15 hours are fully utilised

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Update on 31/10/2011: The prawnning pond is CLOSED