Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wild barramundi on white rabbit rubbers

Yesdterday went luring with TT at 1 of our fav spot, tide and timing was not very good but well just trying our lucky and the same time kill some itch. Few days back i got myself another 12 packs of white rabbit rubber again hahaha, after i landed the 4lb grouper i'm more confidence that the white rabbit can catch fish in the wild.

This spot had already ate to much of our lure liao, so this time i'm going to try the rabbit rubber there. For the first few hours i had takes but no hook ups all my rubber came back with only the body, the tail were all gone i guess must be the work of small barracuda.

Total i lost 5 white rabbit rubbers lol all the tail kena eaten.

But i found out something new kekeke even wtthout the tail i'm still able to work it like a vibe lure.

it still has the vibrating action when i use the lift and drop method. I'm very surprised when i hit a fish with the tail less white rabbit rubber.

Small but at least i knew it will still catch a fish tail less lol.

White rabbit 5553-8.6CM Col:006


  1. Soft plastics are amazing. they work for almost all fish.
    Tight lines

  2. Very good catch, congratulations.

    Sure it gave to you a great fight.

    Thight lines.