Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White rabbit rubber lure

Recently i got myself quite a number of the white rabbit rubber from my work, as we will be heading down to aunties pond again on this coming weekend. The white rabbit rubber are 1 of the recommended soft lure for pond fishing from what i know.

Colour chart

There are 2 model 5558 and 5553 the diff between both is the tail.

5553 rounded tail
5558 hmmm lol let the pics tell you the shape

i personally think the 5553 ones are better as the swing action of the tail are better lor.

Last weekend i tot maybe i could give it a try in the wild too kekeke so i packed a few into my bag before i went out.

On this trip a VIP joined us lol

Me , mondo and Tommy...... i don't even remember when is the last time i fished with tommy liao lor. Its as normal the 3 of us started out casting once we reached the location but lol nothing seems to be working, but soon after the water level gets lower fishes starts to bite.

Tommy hitted a small barramundi but upon landing the fish, hook came off and droped the fish back into the water.....


After the lost of tommy's barramundi i happen to see some action long my area , immediately i cast my smith cherry blood 110MD over and fast crank it pass a rock.


The fish dashed out to grap my lure


It was a small barramundi

Once after releasing the fish i went back to the same area with the same lure lol i hitted another small grouper hahaha . So lucky..... so happy....

But no photo....


At the end of the day i took out the white rabbit rubber to give it a try , on my 5th cast with lift and drop method i hitted a 4lb grouper.

White rabbit WR 5553-8.6CM





2 grouper and a barramundi for me kekeke

To: Tommy can't stop to long must always call me out to fish k , i'm free this coming holiday let me know if you wanna fish again .


  1. yup those white rabbit lure are good. i landed some belida and toman on it before kekeke

  2. I have been following your articles for a while. I new to fishing: can I know what type of rod and reel you are using ? Can you recommend something for a beginner ? thanks

  3. I'm using G.lmoois rod SJR 722 (GL2) a 6-12lb rod pairing with daiwa Bradia 2500 reel for this trip.

    What kind of fishing you doing?

  4. I am not fishing yet ie new.....read your posting until shiok shiok already. thinking of buying a rod and reel to fish at upper seletar or Kranji using artifical. thanks

  5. Hi Alan,

    I follow your blog very closely, nice catch there with WR lures, I'd like to get some, how much is it and how much is the postal charge to Perth, Western Australia ?


  6. Thanks thanks :)

    The WR rubber comes 3 in a pack for $4.40 , i need to know how much you need so that i could check out the postage rates.

  7. Hi Alan,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, just back from camping trip, I'd like to get WR lurs you used to catch barramundi, what else do you recommend for bream fishing ? Bream fishing is very popular here in Australia.

    Looks like that WR is a dynamite...good fishing..


  8. Hi there

    hmmm breams ....i have yet to catch any hahaha, over here in sg breams are hard to find and i have not landed any. So i may not be able to recommend you anything .

    Bream are one of my target fish too hopefully it will not take me to long to land one lol.

    Btw if you need to get the white rabbit rubbers you can send a mail to my office , let them know what you need.

    Let them know you are a friend of mine and we will get back to you.
    E-Mail Address : chophockheng@singnet.com.sg

    Alan chan

  9. Thanks Alan, will do.


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