Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Asari katana chameleon jig

Last week boss of deepsea tackle came over to hock heng and showed us some new jigs that his selling.

"The Asari katana chameleon jig"

A jig that has 2 colour tone when you see it from a different anger, tot its kinda cool so me and my friends got ourself some for our next up coming trip( if there is any lol)

They had a few more other colours and weight but i got myself the 40g ones, below are some photos and a short video of the jig.

SorRy ar video a bit blur lol

Retail price of the jig for my 40g is $7.20 after discount is $x.xx lol

Time past very fast i had already worked in hock heng for 1 month plus liao , everything is ok with my job and i'm happy with it but there is this someone really freaking me out. Most of us call him "super number 2" lol everyday he has a new trick to snake around with. I just can't stand him when esp there are lots of customer around he can just act blur do nothing and chit chat with his SO CALL customer/friend. This is just a example lol if i were to tell the whole thing hor i think it will take me a few days to finish writeing it lol.

Anyway merry x'mas everyone 1 more days to holiday.... LOL

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