Monday, November 9, 2009

A trip to TT's haruans spot yesterday

Yesterday morning me and 2 more friends went for a morning trip to TT de haruan spot to try our luck. The last time we were there hmmm was like few months back , no haruan was landed on that trip just a few small pb's. Anyway tot it is still worth a try so yesterday we are back there again.

I was shock when we reach.

We could not see the path way we use to walk, grass had grown tall and covering the path way. We got to bash our way in this time in the dark hahaha.

From the look of it i guess no one enter the place for quite sometimes liao.

We started to fish once we bashed in but after about 30 mins of casting no sign of the haruan. Then here come our mondo with his surecatch flie rig casting out far , he landed the first fish of the day. mondo was the only one that landed fish yesterday he total landed 2 lor me and ham zreo. lol ham still better than me he got a few lost upon landing.

LOL hmmm me?

i'm to tired to fish la i gave up casting my hands and legs are just to tired to move.