Saturday, November 7, 2009

One and only Tilapia for today

Was out fishing today with ibr and momok early in the morning , weather was nice..... today after so many days of rain. I was kinda worry last night as the weather forecast says today weather will not be good lor lol but we don't care all we want is to fish hahaha.

I got a Tilapia this morning on my first cast went we reach our fishing location hahaha was so lucky... fish took my bassday KANGOKU CRANK 27 S-BS again on slow retrieving



fish was released back alive after taking photos

After that we had a few more takes then everything quiet down liao.

Momok lost a fish today and i guess he is still thinking about it now hahaha wondering what could it be.

Momok it could be a ......................

Somehow today we take it as a recee trip for new location and yup we found it, all we need to do is put in more time and work to find out whats the best tide and time to fish kekeke

ok good night i'm going to bed liao tml morning got to wake up at 4.15am for fishing.

Sorry momok no space for you tml but if you want evening we can chiong again.


  1. Hi bro,may i know where is this place?

  2. Evil sia you all... I need to get more minnows... Shit!

  3. Taufik you should get more minnows la , maybe the fish you lost could have landed if you are using minnows hahaha . hmmm what fish leh....could it be a kbl? or hmmm....

  4. ... purposely right...

    I still don't know how to work the big minnows... thats why I still prefer top water... the take was sweet... SLURRRP!!

  5. Yup i purposely poke you de hahaha

    Later i'm going fishing alone you wanna come join me?