Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bandwidth exceeded again the 3rd time

OK guys 1 of my photobucket Bandwidth exceeded again i knew it would happen when i check my acc status yesterday . But this time i find it a bit fishy as normally every month we are given 10GB Bandwidth, what i knew from the past 2 time my Bandwidth exceeded i found out they will reset it according to my reg date.

eg: i reg on 1st jan and my acc will be reset on 1st feb = 1 month

My reg date was on 3rd march so i think tat means my acc should be reset 2 days ago....

Hai... dont tell me i got to wait for 1 month to have my photos up again?

Forced to pay? or someone is 'stealing my bandwidth' by linking my photos to their site or blog?


  1. bro...u know i know...hahahaha.... haiz.... sad lah bad lah

  2. I'm not going to use PB for sometimes liao , going to use the what Picasa Web Albums provided by Blogger. it has 1gb storage space but never write anything about wats the bandwidth leh....