Monday, October 19, 2009

Queens after a few months

Hi guys there is so much to blog about my weekend hahaha a very busy saturday for me. i went to the wild and from pond to pond but first i'll blog about the morning trip with my friends, a trip for the queens.

we meeted up for breakfast at my places at about 6.30am after that we head down to the location at 7am, some of you might think we missed the first light haha actually nope we did not plan to go that early . For some location first light is good and might be important or is a must but for the location that we are going the queens will only start taking after 9am. Timing of tide is most important thing for saltwater fishing be it luring or baiting once if you miss the tide and timing for THAT spot you will miss the fun hahaha.

Different place different tide and timing to catch even if i tells you a spot but you go at a wrong tide timing its useless.

We started to cast at around 7.45am sharing the location with a few more fishor, we are able to see splashes of the queens whacking the bait fish around us but they just not taking our lures.


Around 8.45am ibr landed a 3lb queenfish on cherry blood MD90


Finally landed a queen at this location after so many months of waiting haha they are back......

we call if off at about 9.30 and went over to fishing buddy for our lunch , and meet up with xris.

Me and xris after that went to bishan prawning in the afternoon and night we went to east coast pole pond to fish will update it up soon later in the evening.

Oh ya i still cant reply to post comment leh blogger problem la

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