Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last night Eging

Yesterday night me and mondo decided to try our luck again after a long break, everything looks perfect (weather , tide , timing) we was at the eging location 3hrs before highest tide.

The first hour i landed 2 squids tot it could be a good start but sad thats the only 2 squid ard hahahaha, both squids took my jig on the surface while i am retrieving the jig back from a far cast.

Bite rates very low and boring so we call it off early for kopi .

Rod: Magic Craft Crostage 802E
Reel: Shimano Sienna 1000FB.
Line: YGK light jigging PE 0.8
Leader: 12lb fluorocarbon
Jigs: EXORI pic1 / AURIE-Q pic2




  1. Hey Alan,

    I'm new to eging and did you use a squid rod or is that a fishing rod, and does it matter what rob you use? Please advise.


  2. Hi bro yup i'm using a eging rod "Magic Craft Crostage 802E"

    btw you may want to read this too both links will ans your qns