Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do you know Nowadays PB's are getting smarter?

This morning the group of us went luring again , the weather was bad it rain quite heavy lor. So last min change of location we decided to go a place we do not even wanted to go but no choice that was the only place we can think of lol. I told ibr let's gave it a last try la if its still sucks we ban the place forever hahaha.

We start casting about 7am necro was the first to land a small Pb, i told myself wow good leh got hope liao today. After helping him took some photo i went back casting, the Pb's are around we can see them whacking on the surface and they came in quite a big number, having a feeding frenzy within our casting distance. But they reference to take anything even spin flies are not working.


Oh ya there were 2 baiters using small live fish as bait usually they could land quite a number of PBs in one day but today the PB reference to take baits too.

Oh man they are smart de lor

At end of the day sh last min landed a PB so total we had only 2 pbs


its getting harder....



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