Saturday, August 22, 2009

First time tying a "Surf candy"

On my recent post mentioned tat i bumped into a friend doing fly fishing in the GT pond, their catch was way better then the guys on the other side of the pond which are using rubbers. So i asked him what fly are they using and he told me its call "surf candy"

ibr bought 2 from coho for sample kekeke and at the sametime i watched how the pro tie it.

It super nice lor

when i came back home did some search on the internet for more detail on how to tie it.

kekeke this is what happen

Sorry ar first timer, only the 4th ones look better hahaha

The tying of this fly is quite easy but the applying of epoxy is hard as i do not have a rotating dryer, and my vice are unable to rotate too.

Click here to see how its done By Kasper Mühlbach.

Will try it tml kekeke

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