Monday, July 20, 2009

Yesterday to salt and fresh

Yesterday morning jarrett call me after his RT saying wanted to go fish asked me to plan where to go, hmmm so i decided to try 1 of the old spot i knew. He came to pick me up in the afternoon about 12.30pm.

Weather don't really look good but both of us hack care we just wanted to fish and do some casting kekeke. Well.... when we reach the location my heart just droped on the beach lucky never roll into water lol. The water surface are so polluted with white colour thingy and the smell was so damn awful. The white colour waste water was discharged from a factory nearby, was wondering can they just discharge waste water like this pollutting the water. Anyway we started to fish but don't really feel that comfortable seeing the water condition in front us. so we moved away from it.

About 30mins later the dischargeing white in colour water turned into light brown in colour with creamy stuff on top of it. Both of us totally sick about it liao so we decided to call it a day lol.

Went to a kopi shop nearby for drinks and at the same time thinking where should we go since it was still so early. Jarrett suggested to go freshwater as few weeks back justin caught a good size toman somewhere kekeke .

And i remember roger need some haruan for medical soup. So ok la on la we go freshwater.

Along the way i saw a small longkang i asked jarrett to stop and try as it looks like a very good place for the haruan to hide or whatever la kekeke. Oh ya lol we have not much of freshwater lure with us as coming freshwater was a last min thingy. What i have was just some stillhunt rubber rigged weedless, that was the only weapon i had to target the haruan. Me and jarrett went down to the long kang started casting the rubbers into the weeds , lucky jarrett with his newly bought GL2 caught the first blood.



I call roger after photo taking asking him if he wants the fish, yup he wanted it and he was also on his way to aother spot with KJ aka fishy to hunt for haruan.

Hmmm sad lol after putting down the phone i went to wash the fish with my lip grip but the lip grip give way fish drop back into water .

SAD sad


after that i had a few takes but no hook ups so we decided to slowly move in deeper . but but.... it was so sad to see this after so much of walking and flying over longkang to longkang


Boring lol so we call it a day after awhile of casting and went meet up with roger and KJ for kopi. Luckly they had 2 haruan for the medical soup.

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