Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't know whats wrong with kids nowadays

LOL i really got no idea what is in their mind, today i had his user "92959921" from youtube commented on a few of my video.

Pls click to view what he wrote




LOL Don't know whats wrong with kids nowadays, or maybe only this few are still frog in a well.

Comparing who catches bigger fish? comparing who's better?

LOL i guess he pick the wrong person to compare with them.

Anyway today is a tired day for me

Good nights guys will update my blog tml

Oh ya i blocked both of them lol Its a waste of time reading their comments


  1. AC, if you are interested... - kana ban already lah...

  2. Ya i know about it , but it was so funny. why must they come disturb me sia lol. i got nothing to do with them what lol.

  3. Hahahahaha... FNR? Whats FNR?! Kekeke

  4. either some people got too much time or don't know english or don't know how to read.

    so damn big news then when the whole team left FNR. how can anyone missed it??

    Or maybe got some imposters out there, doing something bad using your nick "Alan Chan".. then again, that is i ownself think one lah. not that I suggest that some imposters are out there.

    Like what my mama always tell me "be careful when you go fishing ah, wait got bad people..." NOT that there is bad people lah, but she ownself think one lah.. can't fault her right.

  5. hmmm ok la relax relax kekeke its not their fault also , they are still young and the 3th eye not yet open .:)