Friday, July 3, 2009

Smith Squid jig sharpener / Egi sharpener / hook bending tool

Yesterday due to the weather ended up i did not go to team 7 , meet up with mondo and ibr at beach rd to shop around.

I got myself a Smith Egi sharpener from AO.

Saw KJ using this on 1 of the trip tot quite useful


Diamond file Squid jig sharpener

needle hook bending tool

LOL lazy to take own pics so i took them from smith website

generated english translation

The form which pursues シャープニング of the canna needle


Touch up (to grind) very the canna needle of difficult エギ. As for the canna needle where needle density is high, has become 2 steps being the usual sharpener, as for grinding it is difficult.

It was born in order to touch up the canna needle of such a エギ the individual form where "エギシャープナー" the point is long, designates the grinding aspect as V letter (PAT.P). The canna needle whose needle interval is narrow being thing one one securely to grind, it is the convenient tool which finishes.

As diamond processing is administered to the substance, steady touch up is actualized, using hard, you grind and, sharp of condition there are no times when it is almost impaired.


It applies V typeface to the canna, several times it just makes slide it is possible to advanced direction of the needle to touch up simply and speedily.

How to use the attachment pipe

The metal make pipe of attachment is something in order to reform the angle ahead the needle which bends in the root catching and the like. Inserting ahead the needle in the pipe, please correct in moderate angle.

Product summary

Metal make pipe attaching (for bending reform ahead needle)

Standard retail price: XXYEN 840 (substance price XXYEN 800)

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