Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ed's pond

This morning jarrett call me after his RT , both of us went to ed's pond for the first time to kill some itch lol.

Ed's pond was located at No. 70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 518234. Just right beside the famous FW3 freshwater catch and release pond


Opening hours for Ed's pond

Mon (9am ) to Sat - > 24 hours

Sunday open till12 midnight

Current fish release timing

10 am ,
3 pm ,
8 pm

Rules are simples.

- no foul hooking of fishes
- only live bait and dead prawns allowed
- single hook rig
- No Fish Meat and Sotong


5 hours $ 50
12 hours $ 100

Night Fishing 10 pm - 6am $ 50

How to get there Click here


When we arrive and start to set up our rods, heard this guy in red beside us complaining about the catch rates and fishes in the pond are not bitting, he was also wondering did the management release enuff fish not lol. From the way he talk i guess today was his first time to the pond too, 4 hours of fishing in the pond NOTHING! he told us the whole morning fishes landed up by others not more than 10 pcs, best of all fish only bite on 1 side of the pond.

OMG lol in my heart i was thinking siao liao lor not yet even start fishing only heard this kinda thing already how to fish sia.... After awhile the red shirt guy and his friend decided to go FW1 lol they totally give up the place liao.

2 hours later... i finally felt that the red shirt guys did the right choice lol today the pond bite rate was very low and even if they are bitting only the regular gets them.

reason why?

Becos... the regular know where the fish are hiding.... lol

Every pond are the same fishes tend to hide/ hang around net area and regular will conquer the best spot in the pond,

Jarrett can't stand it anymore
fish only bite 1 side
so he went over and squeeze with the others hahaha, that is something i don't like but what to you will get line crossed here and there lol i hate that sia...




End of the day jarrett squeezed 1 Ang Zhor and 1 Ang Kuey.


  1. forget it bro, no point going for at least few weeks or months......every pond the same. once they are popular, things always happened and then fish wont bite.....try other places is the best to cure the pond (or the owner)....
    i was there last week and found they put netting to prevent the fish from hiding.....but in the end, the fishes found the way into the netting and never come whole day, no bite, no pull, no fish.....sia ah!!!
    dont waste money, want fish, go sheng siong

  2. Oh ok... thanks bro for updating me about it.

  3. Well there is a new pond further in from Ed's pond. Opposite the comando camp. Called hyoto haven can't really remember the spelling.
    The fishing there is not too bad. however its more expensive than ed's
    60 for 3 hours.
    The fishes there are much bigger, but there is a catch any fish larger than 3 kg got to release. alright good luck!

  4. Yup had heard about the pond , the good and the bad. anyway see if by any chance to drop by 1 day i'll take some photos of the place.

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