Friday, July 17, 2009

Heavy Fine in singapore river due to fishing and lame reason for littering

Mins ago i saw this guy in FNR posted something about the singapore river, a friend of his kena fine by the PUB. The PUB gave him a $500 fine for fishing and a $1000 fine for littering! WTF littering! WHY littering sia

His friend asked

why littering fine gaven he was using lures and not baiting never littering also mah. Well the PUB replied him that when the lure break from his friend's line the lure would go into the water so its considered littering.

LOL i tot it was so fking lame LA

if lets say we are fishing at any other legal spot or shore line in singapore we had a very high chance of being fine for littering as well? everyone knew breaking of line while fishing is very normal if the GOV use this as a reason to fine ppl wow

Big money big money

you fishing only considered littering fine $1000

Its getting more and more lame liao

If its for real i feel so sad for him.

$1500 can go some other better place to fish sia


  1. write to media lor or a visit to mp

  2. Singapore is a FINE country. Everything akso fine. fine fine. No wonder everyone is getting out.

  3. They are DICKHEADS. Singapore needs to grow up and not stifle everything. Shitheads.