Sunday, January 11, 2009

My first fish in 2009 finally

HAhaha finally lor i landed my first fish in 2009 liao and a new species into my book hahaha

Anyway thanks to you bro hope you are reading this kekeke

ok this morning meet up with momok at kallang Mrt together we went to meet up with the others, we took a long walk and had cuts on our hands and legs the bashing is fun i can say lol.

Once we reached the fishing location our leader of the day showed us the fishes resting in front nicely waitting for us lol. Quickly took out my spinner on my first cast a sebarau wanted to whack my spinner but sad missed hahaha , soon momok ,sh, ham, and our leader of the day start to cast. fishes kept chasing our lures but no takers for the first 20mins.

what to do , what to do hahaha i decided change my lures away to fly on the 4th cast i had a goal keep that took my fly but hook was not setted in sad..... but i knew they will go for the fly now hahaha so i kept casting it. Suddenlly surprisingly wow the sebarau attack my fly from the side while i was twitching it , i admint i was shock at that moment lol next thing i know is i'm in a fight. It ran left and right about 3 -4 times then lol thats it

Here come my 2009 first fish hahaha

500g sebarau




after releasing the fish the rest start to ask for my fly kekeke i passed the fly which i landed the sebarau to momok and on his first few cast on the fly he too had a goal keeper but again hook was not set~~~

hmmm me, sh and ham was using other fly that i tie but no takers maybe is the colour they are going for nvm next time i'll try tying other colours and try it out again but 1 thing for sure the fly that i caught the sebarau will be the first to tie lol i'm going to tie more of it kekekeke.

Momok also caught his first fish of 2009 today kekekeke and its a rare species lor. its Forest Snakehead aka Ikan Bujok, i do not have any pics of it sorry as i was away from him when he landed the fish. if me not wrong he landed 2 or 3 Forest Snakehead. Oh ya~~~~ the first Forest Snakehead was on my fly kekeke. Pls visit his blog for more info

soon fish show no interest to anything liao so we moved on the anpther location sh got an small snakehead haha i no pics of it .

i got a Forest Snakehead too haha my first Forest Snakehead landed 1 more new species to my record book.

what rubber me using?

kekeke $2.50 12 pcs at hong Guan

it was a goal keeper take



After all the walking and bashing all are tired and hungry so we went to McDonalds for our lunch kekeke

Final score:
Alan: 1 sebarau , 1 Forest Snakehead
SH: 1 Toman
Hammy: 0
Necro: 3 Forest Snakehead, 1 Toman
Leader of the day: 1 Forest Snakehead and a few sebarau .


  1. CONGRATS Bro. Indeed a "BANG" for 2009 fish! I can now remove the "smiley" from the Sebbie issue. Phew!

  2. Did I miss out the action again. IBR lets land our first this week. Well Done Guys!!!


    Bro Stingrray... Singapore has got lots lo... and sizeable too... and you only need to pay for pubilc transport and food so go figure bro.

  4. Yo~ All, well done. kekekeke
    Mok you so wicked on the sabbie part, How can like this??!!!

    But I LIKE! wahahahahahahaa.....
    Congrat opening 2009

  5. *ahemz* sebbie spotter want to say.. *hush hush* limited edition only ok? kekekeke...