Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I got a grouper on technic squid jig last night

Last night me and mondo went for a short eging trip,we started 1hour 30mins before the max tide. On my first cast i hitted a small squid on the evergreen squid jig with slow retrieving. The squid took the jig very near to the breaker, on my 2nd or 3rd cast while stroking half way suddenlly i could not feel any weight at all "Oh shit my jig is gone!" my main line was cutted off by don't know wat lol maybe it was a cuda that swim with the mouth open lol.

Sad as the evergreen jig was 1 of my fav it landed me quite a number of squid. haha best of all lure haven do not have that colour in stock anymore.....

Soon we start to hit 2 more small ones along the breaker , hmmm seems like they are near this time... so i made a cast quite near to the breaker and start working it. Suddenlly i had a strong take " yes la big one big one mondo it was a big squid"

But.... hahahaha it was a 1 kg plus grouper when i pulled it to surface , mondo grap his net and went down to net it up .

So funny and lucky

Total we had 3 squid and a grouper

We did not release the fish this time hahaha mondo took the fish and squid back for dinner.

Oh ya jig used is from technic