Monday, June 15, 2009

5 ika night

Actually we was planning to go luring yesterday night with mondo but we have no idea where to go so ended up we went for eging. Weather was good and the wind was blowing from behind letting us cast more far kekeke.

Recently we bought some yo-zuri AURIE-Q so last night we went to try them out, water was still kinda low when we reach. For the first 1 hour mondo landed 3 small ones, the bite rate was kinda slow last night. So i moved abit and casted another side of the breaker just a few stroke i had a take far out from the weight and pull i knew it was a sizeble one so i called mondo over for help, mondo went down to the breaker with his net but before he can reach the squid hook came off and the squid got away. SAD SAD....

NVM i kept casting at the same area hopeing that they are still around

Suddenlly i felt something very heavy at the end of my line much more heavy than the 1 i lost so i slowly left it up but it droped me and mondo tot it was some rubbish or what as there's no pull at all , so i drop my jig back to the bottom sec's later i felt a strong pull and i "set" WOW it was really a squid hahahaha a good size 1 somemore, mondo quickly grap his net and netted up the squid






i landed 1 more small one went the tide start to turn so total we had 5 squid last night.

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