Monday, January 12, 2009

so tired today hahaha just came back from work, Oh hmm ya...momok you remember yesterday when after McDonald? my feet turn white? today i went work i tot its was the dust at my work place cos it to turn white again so before i go home i wash my feet lol now sitting in front of my com lol you know what my feet are still white lol i'm scared now what happen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

We are going to have a camping trip soon hahaha can't wait sia.

anyway today at work the china snake king, snake to the max liao all he know is show his fking attitude at everyone, hahaha so funny someone even call him pig sia, normally when pig is used on someone mean his stupid or whatsoever la but i dont think he is stupid lor , i think he is the smartest lol. smart to the max ar

boss.... this is what you get of what you paying for hahahaha a hard working worker from oversea.


  1. Behold the power of MUD THERAPHY!! I think we can start digging up the mud there and start selling them liao... FOREVER WHITE... sounds good huh? Hahahaha.

  2. whitening mud... kekekeke

    turn your skin white and smooth.

  3. Ooi... s it fungus? spread by mud? kekekekekeke