Monday, January 12, 2009

Going fishing later in the night again hahaha tml need to work somemore, lol liao~~~~ nvm chiong ar!!!

hahaha just now i went down to past the king fishes DVD to my sifu, my ex boss son was there too and he asked me something that i almost do not know what to reply him lol

he asked: is your website FNR? lol at that moment i do not know what to say so i did not say a word. and he told me tat his friend was a member of FNR lol and wanted to fish with me hmmm again i do not know what to say hahaha i walked away.


  1. hor hor alan do something white feet..

  2. oh oh.. the food got poison is it?? oh oh....

    if you dont want to repeat those stories, you can just smile smile and say "no lah. FNR not my website. my website is and everyone is welcome to fish with me. i'm still learning too. kekekekekeke."

    like that you wont have to tell people how #@#@#@ the webmaster of FNR is and you dont have to tell people long stories and you wont offen people.

    you are "The Famous Alan Chan", alot of people want to fish with you one. kekekekeke..

    AC, when bring me go fishing ah??

  3. The famous Alan Chan... See... even strangers say that FNR is your website. Hahahahahaha...

    Time to sit back and enjoy your freedom bro. Out of one hell hole and never going back into another.

  4. lol i enjoyed blogging so much now hahaha. yesterday chiong fishing till 3 plus am lol now woke up only i login my blog liao

    damn tired now but still need to go work hahaha