Friday, January 2, 2009

Queen of marina barrage

Part 1:

Yo~~~ its 2009 liao

Woke up this morning to finsh off a video which was not posted before anywhere on the net hahaha. The video was taken in 2008 with joy and laughters,so i'll like to share them with you in 2009

Its is illegal to fish there but lol we chiong before its officially open to the public. it is sad that 1 more saltwater spot is down but for the sake of our drinking water resouces i think its more worthing , anyway lol in like fews more years we still can fish for freshwater fishes right?

i really hope that those fishes trap inside the barrage can make their way out to the sea. From what i know the barrage will let the water go on and off. My group of friends actually caught quite a number of grouper and released it to the sea in changi area this is that much we can do liao ~~~~ good luck for the rest

Fishes that are still in the barrage will move near to the dam as the salt level will be higher there, once the dam opens up water flow will be great the fishes might just get washed out to the sea.

More follow up videos will be posted pls come back to my blog again

Part 2:

I had totally gived up and i leave the forum, it feel good that i leave hmmm kinda late but at least i'm out of it liao.

. i'm not going to fall into the shit again, 1 thing for sure 1 way or another i will still be contributing stuff for the community.

its that someone which upset "us"
Not the community.

Dear Friends out there me no good I have not done a good job of being your friend.i pull you all into all this, you can put all the blame to me really but pls forgive the web ownner k. i treat you all eat laksa next week at katong k

Let them be the clown

Belif me there are poeple which can read well

Silent is gold

Part 3:

wow i'm not happy with youtube lol today i spend almost half a day uploading the video to youtube, it failed few times and you know what? i went out just now and let it upload, when i came back the video was finally uploaded into youtube but...... the video was rejected cos of copyright claim by a third party. i was like WTH........ So~~~~~~~ i uploaded it to google lol it took me awhile to load it up.


I wanted to post the video on the first day of 2009 now i don't think i can lol thanks to you know WHO la~~~~~

Got to work tml better get some sleep

Happy new year!!!!!!!


  1. "I hate you..."

    I can see Abang Ali in the vid... this must be during the happier times...

    "I should have bought the Rapier X and Certate Hyper earlier and joined you guys man..."

  2. ya google vids is good. unlimited video time also

  3. am i included for the free laska???

    Eh, you also use PART 1, PART 2 and PART 3 ah??? kekekekekekeke

    Please take care and get well well soon.

  4. Haahahahaha... The way Hammy kneel down "begging for the queen to survive really crack me up big time... cute boy Hamtaro. kekekekeke

  5. I'm back home liao , there are 3 reason that i'm home early today 1: nothing much for me today 2: stll not feeling well 3: home to collect shirt for uncle long ( hope he dont mind i call him uncle kekeke).

    Yup cindy i copy you de :P

  6. Tomorrow morning I wanna hit Queen and I will never let it go BABY.

  7. Hi Alan,

    Good morning, cannot sleep so read your blog.
    This queen fishing session look like GT pond or better. I wish I can hook I of the queen soon..

  8. I don't eat laksa... If you're heading to Roger's fav laksa shop (I think)... the one behind bugis junction then I want steamed chicken rice. Yummm.

    As for the clown issue... you're no clown la bro. You're the real deal. There are already enough clowns inside the place right now. But don't worry, the Devil is in charge of the clown control. Devil say bark, they bark. Devil say keep quiet, they shut up.

    I guess that makes us Demons huh?