Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Say goodbye to 2008


yo~~~ everyone out there!!! this is the last day of year 2008..... in a few hours time we can say bye bye to 2008 liao and hope all the unhappiness will go together with it hahaha.

Let's start a fresh new year in 2009.

To my friends:

Lets move on bro and sis ,
let it go together with year 2008,
let all the unhappiness go with 2008

Forgive and forget, enjoy more in real life

Start a fresh in 2009 lets enjoy ourself more together, there is nothing more important than this am i right?

so i will forget the unhapppiness and welcome 2009 with joy

i'm still sick lol friends have been calling me to fish tonight but sorry i don't think i can. maybe becos god don't wish me to bring germs over to 2009 :X

hmmm this morning i just do not know why i have the idea of doing a search for tang ling yi's blog hahaha you might have forgotten her or do not know her she's from 绝对 Superstar, well yup i found her blog kekeke


  1. Left 2008 with a bang bro...

    Don't forget to jio me go fish when you get better... I bought something real nice just for queenies kekekeke...

  2. Happy New Year Alan. Please get well soon. And huat ah....

  3. momok i'll be uploading something for you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pls come back to check on it k hahaha