Saturday, December 27, 2008

My phone are sick

Oh hahaha forgot to mention on my prev post that my phone spoiled kekeke on the trip so now i lost some of the contacts i saved in the phone memory. Now the phone are still in the ICU trying to get back the contacts lol.

So sorry if i do not know who you are when you sms me :x

once the old phone is fix nb i think i better do a backup for the contacts kekeke

after 3 days of fishing i'm so tired, actually this morning we are planning to go for queenfish but yesterday i was too tired after beach rd i KO by sleeping monster again lol. woke up just now and watched the king fisher DVD that thomas passed me yesterday its on fishing for snakehead in japan , oh man now hands damn itch but sad look out from my window its going to rain again~~~~~~~~~~~

2 more days i will be working yoho~~~~~~~~~~ but its a part time job lor for 1 month only hai~~~~ but i hope that i could find a job after chinese new year.

Oh well this is what i caught yesterday morning in cck with desmond and sh. i lost 3 more small pb that throw my hook out of their mouth while pulling back



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  1. Nice one there Alan. Sigh! This Sleep Monster caught me also.........after the trip come back anywhere also can sleep like that. Sianz! Must look for new spots!