Sunday, December 28, 2008

Over night fishing trip

Yesterday noon me and desmond went to fishing buddy for a walk and had our lunch at the got bee kopi shop kekeke , few days ago on a fishing trip desmond was kena stung by 2 crazy bee 1 on the eye lid and 1 more on his forehead.

hope you get well soon bro

I got a packet of hook from fishing buddy to tie some fly, after that desmond decided to head down to beach rd, his looking for the G loomis rod in hock heng the very last pcs GL2 6-12lb 6 feet. Both of us was there for about 30 mins he was still considering wanna get the rod not~~~~ hahaha ended he grap the GL2 happly walkeing out from the shop. The rod cost him $210 with a rod bag.

We went for a cup of drinks and discuss where to go in the night, we are kinda sick of freshwater liao must go back more on saltwater~~~~~~

So this is our plan:
11pm TMFT
4am early breakfast
7am head back to somewhere around the area to hunt for the queenfish

Desmond came to pick me and sh up at about 10pm , roger and the others was already at changi V huntting for reels, oh ya btw if you have been to TMFT normally you will park your car at the road side right hahaha but now pls becareful lor even the police will come and summon you for parking there one of my friend kena liao.

so desmond park his vehicle at the car park in safra and meeted up with roger and friends together we walked all the way to TMFT. I started off by trying working some squid jigs just testing water la to see if i'm luckly enuff the hit any not, on the up coming tide but what the suay nothing lor hahaha so i went back to lures. From what ali took me if you are going for the cuda's there you need to be fishing at the down going tide hmmm~~~~ so me, sh and desmond waited along the breaker till the water start to go down while the rest trying very hard seacrhing for fish.

I took a very short nap then at about 2 plus am we start to fish but the sleeping monster kept casting the sleeping spell at me. KNN.... the luck sucking SH is back while i was changing my lure sh hitted a small cuda weight about 1kg plus

Released the cuda after the photo



after that we fished for awhile then we leave for our breakfast at changi V. yeah~~~ nasi lemak time....hmmm kekeke we also saw a so call succesful big boobs ladyboy buying breakfast, oh well we are also meeting mingkun in the morning for queenfish section.

Time about 7am we enter the fishing location and started fishing~~~~ ,we cast and cast NB bo hee leh~~~ soon some baiters came and setted up their tackles kekeke they are still quite OK la as they did not disturb us he parked his rod some distance away we are still able the cast with not much problem. But~~~~when the other group came (the uncle tpye of baiters) he cast and park his rod right beside us nb this is not right lor how we going to cast our rod like this~~~~~ NB... auto abit la hahaha nvm that was not the worse. a small boat came in front us putting a leng about at least 400 meter long . WIn liao lor lurer or baiter no need to fish liao lor hahaha 1 leng not enuff? they put 2 hahaha yup 2. How to have good fishing ground if this kinda lengster are around..... hai~~~~~

I was wondering is there any rules to stop them for putting nets so near to our shore line?

Sain... to the NAX....


Boring~~~ we gave up hahaha and decided to go Bedok Res, heard that there is a new illegal spot to fish :x kekeke so chiong ar~~~~ go take a look

The weather damn powerful this morning lor me and desmond KO sleeping at the side till momok came






Too hot liao fish all go home sleep liao hahaha so are we
we call it a day after the PUB came


  1. wah good lo... go jio... hahahaha

    -_-" walk all the way from SAFRA to that place is no joke man... nabe... damn far lo.

  2. Tell me about getting summoned! Sigh! Nice one SH...