Friday, December 26, 2008

The sad christmas day for me

Woke up in the morning on christmas eve i was like OMG... its rainning.....will this rain stop? hmmm hahaha yup it stoped for awhile but start rainning again. Usree called me asking are we still chionging at 3pm? lol i think we see how la hor if rain stop at 1pm we chiong lor if not we chiong at night together with the whole group of about 22.

Luckly rain stoped and we confirmed to chiong no matter what hahaha, meet up sh and hammy at one of the MRT station together we head to the meeting point. saw boy fishing in the rain for haruan

I cant stop myself from casting so i grap my 3 inch still hunt and jio sh to try our luck after the others gave up. kekeke within a few cast i landed a small haruan, it just flew up when i strike it hahaha



After released the baby we moved of to our actual fishing location, there were lots of todak roming around the area so hee hee what to wait chiong ar.... everybody start shooting lures here and there. The todak kept wackying our lure but non was landed , the sad thing about this was i broke my sobats bib while i try to set the hook the lure flew up hitting the breaker sad..... lol so i work the sobat walk the dog style a big todak took it , YES!!! YAHO........... it jumped i knew it hooked this time. hmmm hahahaha the todak cut my leader off after the jump sad lor... there goes my fav lure esp that colour.

NVm its ok i'll wait for dave to restock it kekeke.

In the evening i hitted a small squid on a cofita 2.5 jig but i think thats the only 1 around hahaha , after dinner sh took out his touch light and play around near the breaker suddenlly i heard him saying it that a Baktao? kekeke i graped my jig wow~~~~~ its a huge Baktao i casted right to it wack kena liao line out lol did not know it could be so strong for that kind of size , NB but i did not land it lor my hook on the squid jig open up hai... it ran away into the dark bye bye....

That kinda size of Baktao was what i'm looking for if not wrong it might hit the 2kg mark, me heart very pain.......kekeke

The next morning hammy landed a good sized todak on a sobat!!!! so lucky.......



Sh landed a Aramugum

Ibr landed a octopus

Sad i lost my fav lure and a big Baktao.

btw anyone heading down to beach rd later? i'll be there about 5pm kekeke