Monday, December 15, 2008

My past catch 068

Last saturday night a group of us went to CBW reason of going to this place ,becos we have no better place to go. some of them bring along their long rods to do some casting but no one buy any bait earlier.Lucky they did bring along a cast net so we went to a beach at ecp before heading to CBW. LOL even prawns nowadays also gone we spended 1hour net casting only a few small bait fish was caught lol.what to do so we moved over to CBW.

The whole night NOTHING! not even a bite from baits or lure , somehow i knew this well be a boring night.

Most of us went to sleep maybe due to the boringnes? lol

Woke up in the morning tide was low, some of them took e luring set to cast , the lucky man hitted a small grouper and we released the fish after a few shots.


30mins later we moved of from the place to changi V for our breakfast.

After some discussion we decided to go for a 2nd round


this are the fish we landed at the 2nd playground

doraemon landed his first wild kim after 1 year




another small grouper


All fish was released
we are anlgers not fisherman

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