Monday, November 7, 2011

A few small barra's

Just a quick update on one of my recent trip with aylwin and jarrett,we went back to our old forgotten spot to try our luck and yup it still hold some good fishes hahaha. Weather was concider ok.... some rains but it did not stop us from fishing.

I got the first fish of the day on a yo-zuri L minnow with twitch and pause, the fish took the lure while pause and sink. It was a small one but well at least i laned something after so long.

aylwin was the star of the trip he had 2 barra's landed, one of it was landed on the uban lures from chop hock heng

Uban Dream 80

Jarrett had a close encounter but the barra missed the lure right in front of us.

I'll be back for more on wed hahaha will update if there is any catch K


  1. Great fishing guys, They are a good sized fish you are catching,
    Well done,

  2. when will you bring me for barramundi fishing

  3. where is this place? singapore yishun dam?

  4. where is this place? is it in singapore?