Friday, February 25, 2011

Itchy for eging

Its really been awhile since i last went for eging hahaha, that afternoon i checked the tide hmmm seems like a good tide for eging so me,aylwin and Benjamin went over to labrador park to try our luck.

I took a cab from my place lol i told the uncle tat i wanna go labrador park and he asked me hmmm is it the big B.P thingy place? i was like hmmm ya but the P.B thingy was not there for don't know how many years liao lor hahaha but anyway luck he knows how to go lol.

When i reach labrador park hmmm why so bright huh.... oh shit oh shit its full moon no wonder la so bright. totally forgot about it

Oh well lol since i'm already here just try lor.

Rod: Magic Craft Crostage 802E
Reel: Daiwa luvias 2000
Line: YGK light jigging PE 0.8
Leader: 12lb fluorocarbon
Jigs: Evergreen / AURIE-Q

I Only manage to get 2 small ones but still feel great hahaha.


  1. Nice green eyes over there! Anyway just asking, where did u purchase your 12lbs fc? It's kinda hard to find those below 20lbs..

  2. Well done Alan, 2 is better than nothing, I would have been happy with those 2 myself, Get them in the pan haha

  3. hi just want to ask you about eging. i have fish in a jetty recently. there is some part of the jetty is dark and when i look in the water, there is alot of glowing lights keep appearing in the waters then sink back. there is millions of them. is it eging? thanks.

  4. Thanks guys hahaha

    Hi paddy you are right 2 is better then nothing even 1 is good enuff. i like it sashimi...........

    btw i got my 12lb FC from Tan Thong Cheong few years back when they are having some sale, can't remember how much i got it hahaha but i know its real cheap.

    The glowing lights are not squids bro i have no idea what are those too. try looking around see if you could find any ink mark if yes that means someone had been catching squids there. Or you can try your luck, who knows you may find yourself a eging spot kekeke