Friday, January 13, 2012

Changi offshore trip with pekan ricky

Before i start with my catch report i have to say this..... Taxi fare are blooding EX OUCH!nowadays.... hahaha

Few months back Nigel the baktao invited me for this changi offshore trip thingy, i was first a bit worry and tired of changi areas but after some consideration i decided to give it a go. Take it as a relax trip try not to put much hope lol

Few days before the trip Nigel told me that the boatman from pekan will be joining us for the trip i was like "huh.... WTH are you serious"

Yup No joke!

His in singapore that week not just to join us for changi, his here more for the southern island jigging. He has free time so i guess someone asked him along for the changi trip.

Boss waiting.....

Weather and catch was not good that day, i got a big fat egg home for my mum hmmmm anyway its notmal lol as i dont bring fish home that offen even if its a good trip.

Ricky and the baktao

Abu salty stage VS 1 with Palms BAY SALVOR 5ft.9inc.1pc. Lure Wt. 80-200g PE0.8-2#Power3 Rod.Wt.149g

I'm using this setup again as i'm using madai jigs but it seems like not working for me on that day.

Getting the live prawns at one of the floating fish farm

Alvin landed the first sizeable fish

Alvin and the boatman landed the most fish on this trip and i guess i'll not be visiting changi water that soon after this hahaha

And btw this was a trip few weeks back hahaha but in another 1 or 2 months i'll be having more time to fish and update my blog :)


  1. What a nice and enjoyable trip bro.. first grade catch. good to catch nice to eat.hehe..