Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Zebra Tilapia ( beginner Luck)

Last night me and my friends went to some freshwater hole to kill some itch, at the sametime they wanna practice on Baitcasting reels. We went over to the first fishing location after we taken our dinner.

we fished there for about an hour hai.... melvin landed a small snakehead lol to boring liao so we decided to change to another fishing ground. Jamie came to join us over at the 2nd location. His still very new into luring so not much of lures, i pass him a small L minnow and told him how to work it. within 30min he landed 2 good sized Zebra Tilapia hahaha.

Working method: Slow retrieving

Beginner Luck!

First fish took the whole lure in the mouth!

Second fish was abit bigger

other 3 of us zero!

Later part of the night we went over to spot 3 for peacock bass, but me, jamie and aylwin went off early as jamie need to work and he was the only 1 tat can drive us home hahaha. We was at spot 3 for about 20mins total landed at least 6 fish.

Lucky i landed 1 last min :) Small but strong!

Working method: Slow retrieving
Lure: Zipbait 50s

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  1. You and your friends can certainly catch the better fish, Well done guys,