Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video of our Rompin sail fishing Part 1

Hi guys finally i got the videos uploaded to youtube hahaha, my PC siao siao liao i had a hard time editing the videos. This is part 1 of our trip, pls stay tune for part 2 hahaha more exciting!


  1. mondo sibeh cool ah!!! but still use gimbal! cheh... even AG no use ah!! :X :X

  2. Hehehe cant wait for part 2 of the trip, That was a great sail fish, Are you Tagging the fish before releasing them, If so what do the fishermen do when they catch the same fish ?,
    Good luck guys,

  3. Hi Paddy

    Nope we did not tag the fish before releasing, hmmm i think over there not much ppl do that. Maybe next year when we are up there again hahaha can give it a try.