Monday, June 28, 2010

How to apply candle wax on your cork handle

Hi guys i'm back from my fishing trip , its a eye opening trip and learn quite a bit of things from this trip too. Will need quite a bit of time to prepare the post as there are so much things happening to us on this trip hahaha.

But first...

i promised someone on my shout box to post a video of how to apply wax on the cork handle, as he asked is there any other way to protect cork handle if cork sealant is not available. Yup there is and here you go bro ,a video for you guys.....


  1. Great idea. I did not even think of this. Thanks

  2. Its the same as candlewaxing a No.4 uniform to make the collars stiff and the name tag shine.

    I'd still prefer cork sealant as waxy handles feels a bit uncomfortable as opposed to cork sealant.

  3. Actually the feel are still ok bro , not much of diff lol