Monday, June 21, 2010

Ah tiong pond on saturday night

On saturday ngiht me and jarrett last min decided to gave ah tiong pond a try to kill some itch , so after watching power sunday on ch U 11pm we made our move over.

Now ah tiong pond only open on weekends if i'm not wrong it could be the licensing issues.

Oh well don't care lol

That night the catch rates was not very good, bites are slow even some of the regular there are having hard time in catching fish. Rubbers there is a NO NO, we try for an hour also no takers....I guess the fish in the pond don't take lures.

Oh ya even after they release fish no one landed anything.

we fished till 6am in the morning total catch was 3 small ones... so sad hahaha
Live prawn 1 dead prawn 2 . 3 of them were landed near to the fish keeping net.


It was a boring night lol at home sleep better.

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  1. hahaha'''' go malaysia jb fish better lah nearby custom only, $45 (ringgit)sg dollar 20+ only n u can fish 5hrs n the pond cum fish there bigger n strong fight super cheap