Thursday, March 26, 2009

1 more fishing ground gone for good

This evening me,sh and his friend plan to go helipad to do some luring so we meeted up at tj rhu and walk in by the breaker. When we reach the marina barrage a malay uncle talk a bit loud telling us NO FISHING HERE lol yes i know we told him then another officer came out from a small little guard room telling us the same thing.

yes we know we know hahaha

But the sad thing was the road to helipad was block, construction work are in progress. There will be a under ground highway below in the future, and i belif we are unable to fish in that area even if the construction finish they will somehow build something there hahaha like a sea side resort?. Luring, surfcasting whatever fishing GONE........

More and more fishing ground had been taken , enjoy your fishing days while you can hahaha. In the future fishing in singapore will be hard.

My prediction next fishing ground to be closed will be TMFT.... its just a matter of time to come