Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today finish work at about 5.30pm lucky ar... no need OT today hahaha yesteday work till quite late , so today after work i never go anywhere came back home for dinner and relax. yes la finally i finish up re posting my past catches from the lure section to my blog liao kekeke.

Hand itch liao leh~~~~~ weekend faster come pls kekeke

LOL 10 mins ago i found out that my signature and profile in the forum was edited everything was emty , i know the rules mah no link of blog or whatever link is allow in anywhere or signature right me know,me know

i just put acfishing@blogspot under my profile Occupation no link mah and write visit my blog for my CR on my signature. hmmm so tat is consider link? if yes than i LL lor

No need like that bah ~~~~
edit my signature
edit my profile
you like that C no open meh

hope i can still edit my profile on my next login
hope i can still display signature on my next login
hope i can still login on my next login kekeke
hope i can still be treated as an normal member


good night

lots of work for me tml


  1. lol... tot you knew about the signature editing liao... kekekeke. He himself never said out the rule properly so our fault meh? If like that should take out the website from the profile area... why need to be so vague.

  2. morning momok , hahaha now profile no longer have website link liao mah. anyway no problem la i just itch butt only hahaha . ok me going off the work liao see you this coming weekend ....

  3. DONT SAY link cannot lor... my sig also kena edited...

    Guess what...i just put acfishing at blogspot!


    Own rules cant follow. PCB>

  4. ALl the STICKY also no need post liao lor....

    those fishbase sticky... ALL CONTAIN WEBSITE LAH DEH...

  5. aiya, he already say mah "blah blah blah blah, so i edit your signature..."

    cant blame him for not able to construct sentences properly mah...

    let it go let it go...

    can challenge him lah, and then we all can see the ultimate roti-prata-ing skill again.

  6. Come on man.. I engage the murtabak master. See who better. MUTTON MURTABAK. WIth the power of momok(the mutton used) and our powers combined, we are captain murtabak !

  7. Lets all be PEACE LOVER.... kekekekeke

  8. So lame....
    Lady and gentlemen, please excuse the prata maker.
    That is about the best he can do le...
    Please excuse him, you can even take pity on him, for I feel.... he is scare, lost, confuse and despo, thats why tis silly action...