Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shimano Exage STC Travel Rod

Hmmm 1 week never update anything on my blog liao ....i almost forgot my password lol hai.... it is becos hor no catch for me to blog about la. For the past few nights i did went luring


lol zero again .

So might as well not post anything about it.

The other day saw TT posted some stuff for sale on his blog, then my butt itchy and got from him the Shimano Exage STC Travel Rod for $30 kekeke. But i got to change all the guides to new ones as the condition of the guides are real bad lor .

HAhaha but C.... beh lucky my work place has some FOC fuji guide for staff only kekeke i got almost the whole set of guide except for the tip.



Shimano Exage STC Travel Rod is a 5 plus 1 short extension, the rod can be used at two different lengths by adding the short extension (8ft or 9ft)

It also come with a carry tube for safe transport. This model TT sold me was a very old model which they used the double footed guide. if i'm not wrong the newer model are using the single foot guides liao.

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  1. 0.0 i camping at alan site very sian ah nv go fishing ah...