Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday after a wedding dinner i met up with mondo and ibr for kopi at a kopi shop near my place, as usual we start to chat about fishing and planning for our next year trips.

Its time to go out of singapore to fish more often liao la. last night we did went to fish after the kopi but again it was an Disapointing trip, we fished till this monring 6am non of us landed anything lol could someone tell me what is going wrong?

There was a group of baiters sharing the location we were fishing at, they also never catch anything before we leave the place hai.... This was the wosre dry spell i ever experienced.

I buy quite abit of lures since i started working at hock heng but now i start to think again nb buy so much lure for wat lol no fish and no place to fish liao why spent money buying lures. I should start saving up money and get myself more offshore tackles.

As 2010 we will be planning for more overseas fishing trip like malaysia river/island luring,pekan light jigging,rompin sail fishing, desaru light popping,TP bottom fishing, thailand fishing trip and so on..... we are very tired of singapore fishing liao.

We are many steps behind others its time to move on.


  1. Yes bro i totally agree... time to buy more jigs and rangong forget about the lures liao...kekeke

  2. I got quite a bit of jigs liao leh so no need to buy lol. rangong i don't have hahahaha but those are small items can buy later, the main thingy now is to save up some money for reels and rods hahaha

  3. Bro Alan was great idea!please tell me if you all want to come to Labuan,i will wait for you all

  4. YAH. i also saving up money. the money i every time save always run away..dont know why. damn it

  5. Yo mizlan should we will if we had a chance to go up to your place.

    TT must save many many money first then plan trip mah hahaha