Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A no fishing sign beside a drain that link to the sea

Ok guys maybe you won't belif me when i tell you this cos me myself also can't belif what i actually saw last night.

A NO fishing sign at a longkang in Sembawang {Sembawang bottle tree village)



A friend told me that he ever saw a no fishing sign beside a longkang in changi few weeks ago but somehow i dont quite belif it lor but now i saw it myself in Sembawang !

Will it be the end of singapore longkang fishing history? what the hell are the PUB or "you know who" thinking? to stop anglers from fishing in singapore by slowly closing up more and more place for us singaporean anglers?

Fishing spots are getting lesser and lesser, can't imagine what it will became in the future living in a island country surrounded by water and you can't even fish lol

Am so wondering how many No fishing sign are out there now! if you happen to see any pls take a photos of it for me lol

Ok this was the photo i took last night at Sembawang longkang , can't really see the background as its in the night.


Anyway last night i cought a small ah seng on maria angel kiss 115 at up coming tide along the beach of Sembawang


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  1. I found this post very interesting. It is very necessary to install fishing signs nearby such areas. The no fishing signs prevent the people from fishing activities and thus save them from drowning mishaps.