Friday, October 30, 2009

Hard time fishing

For the past few days i had been trying very hard at 1 of the location i used to fish in, but something is not right i'm not catching anything. i'm very sure that the fishes are around as i saw them coming up to the surface to feed and some of them are whacking hard on the bait fish .

I only had 2 takes but both are not hooked, 1 was on furry popper another was on chug bug

am i working the lures to fast? i had try almost everything i can think of and what i had but hai just can't catch anything.


Well... will not give up untill i cought something that ans all my qns.

LOL this is fun hahaha


  1. hmmm... hear of a thing call cast net???? hahahaha

  2. hello Alan congrats on yur Blog.

    saludos desde Mexico.

  3. Hi daz ya i know i have a few at home hahaha. but will not use them liao. Anyway will try harder till i land them on lures kekeke.