Friday, September 11, 2009

Neighbourhood PB spot

Yesterday went for a short trip to SH's Neighbourhood PB spot to kill some itch, reach and start fishing at about 5pm. The catch was not really good only manage to land 3 small ones

me 1
ibr 1
sh 1

but had quite a number of takes. The one i had was a palm sized PB that took my 90mm surf candy i tie myself.

I found out that the 90mm surf candy i made are able to cast without adding any split shot on the leader when using light line ( Light spinning setup), the epoxy head of the surf candy itself has some weight on it liao .

Oh ya if you are also a spin flyer get some bigger surf candy or tie it yourself kekeke

hmmm maybe the next 1 i tie i will add a bit of wire lead inside to make it abit more heavy :)


red and white 90mm surf candy with size 2/0 long shank hook

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