Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last night fishing trip

Nowadays fishing has been hard for me, spots are getting lesser so now what we can do is try harder at old common spots around us that we knew. Yesterday night me , sh and mondo went for a trip at the salt a spot which many has been before. We reach location about 1 plus am and slowly walk our way in, we bumped into a malay uncle along to way.

He was kinda friendly in the first place hahaha maybe from our wear and equipment he knew we are lure anglers.

He asked: You all using rapala ar?

Lol straight away i knew what he meant kekeke cos this was not the first time i encounter this. Most uncle will call lures as rapala, to them rapala equal to lures.

So i told him ya we using rapala lol

We looked around for awhile and the malay uncle show us some guide and recommended us to go the other end. We took his advice and walked deeper in , a few more anglers was there fishing with long rods parking along the breakers. So tot of trying it out for awhile, after a few cast i accidentally crossed one of the rod on my right hand side with my one and only Maria The first XJ 115 redhead. I told the malay angler that i crossed his line but he don't even bother to crank in and undo it he just kept swinging his rod and line up and down trying to swing my lure off.

But well lucky thing is he manage to swing my lure off.

Is my bad of crrossing his line but i don't think its nice of being so unfriendly to me. He crank his rod back and casted right in front of us!!!...

Anyway i don't even wanna bother about that lol as we are more worry about the rain clouds and lightningS above us. After a few more cast at that area we decided to move back to the location that we met the "first friendly malay uncle we bumped into".

The clouds are moving fast scary ........

While we were casting mondo asked me something about a floating objects not far away from shore

"hmmm alan what was that huh?"

Oh .. i think its an floating boi or something like that la...

So he went back casting lol but he crossed his lure with the "first friendly malay uncle" Line, ater undoing the crossed lines mondo moved away and went beside me.


next moment lol

Oh shit , oh shit i kena the boi liao , gone liao gone liao me fav roges gone liao.

I'm still fishing beside him with my dark colour 5inch still hunt bumping the bottom , suddenly i feel a bump on my line and a pull hahaha i set my rod kinda hard as i tot it was a grouper and at the same time my drag setting was high too .

The fish has no chance of taking any lines at all and start to roll on the surface lol then i found out it was actually a small barramundi aka kim.



Who say full moon night fish not biteing? :X

SH helped me on the photos taking after that i released the fish back into the water.....

A funny thing happened after i released the fish kekeke this time SH crossed the"first friendly malay uncle" line but this time was not our fault lol SH was very sure that he casted his lure straight. I belif while we are taking photos the malay uncle casted his line to where i hitted the fish hahahaha so crossing his line is not our fault.

The first friendly uncle no long friendly anymore

LOL this show how kiasu singaporeans are.

Anyway..... it started to rain for awhile lol so we went for our early breakfast at 4am.

Round 2 in the morning to LSR was bad it rain again but lucky me and SH got disposable raincoat with us kekeke , mondo did not go for round 2 as he got something on kekeke. Lucky he went home if not "smiley....."

I only mange to land a small pb but no pics taken.


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