Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The demon has awaken

Finally after so much of hard work i cross the 2kg mark for year 2009 yesterday night. It was a spring down going tide yesterday from 3m to -0.2, Ibr picked me up over my place at around 10.30pm. We were a bit lost on the highway kekeke ibr missed the exit and we got to make a big round. We reach location at the maximum tide and started fishing but there were some surf fisher there earllier then us, becos of them we had some problem on casting our lures, we are unable to make far cast. So no choice the most we can only cast our lures less than 10 meters away from the breakers.

We began to pop around with poppers as on our last few trips they take poppers willingly but non was landed. After but 10 cast a cuda whacked my chug bug very near to the breaker i try to set it but the whole lure fly out of the water hitted onto my shoulder hahaha lucky hook did not when in sia.

i had bad luck at this location everytime i got injured becos of something, rememeber there was a trip i fell and cut my hand lol. i almost broke my arm yesterday hahaha, tell you what happen later part of the story.

About 30mins later when the tide started to change i was popping along the breaker slowly suddenlly "BOOM" the cuda took my chug bug and went off flying here and there, but sad it was a weak one it has no match against my rod. Ibr went to grip the fish up for me and wow it was a 11lb cuda. The grip somehow give way cuda droped and roll down the break but lucky ibr safe it from rolling into the water.

Thanks bro its was a close one.

11lb cuda

Rod: G-loomis GL2 6-12lb 6''
Reel: Daiwa caldia kix 2500
Line: ygk power hunter Pe 2
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: Storm chug bug
Working method: Slow popping

I try to release the cuda about 15 to 20mins but the fish could not make it anymore so we gave the fish to the surf fisher.

Yes la finally kekekeke

We moved around the area but no sign of fishes 20mins later we went back to the first location where i hitted the first cuda. Moments later we saw a huge splash in front of us,our cuda king standing next to us using the Black Angel Kiss 115 had a good sized cuda on. The fight was so much better compared to mine, it took a few good run before SH manage to pull it up to the side of the breaker.

The cuda look small when it was still in the water but when the fish is out of the water "WOW"

12lb cuda

Rod: G-loomis GL2 6-12lb 6''
Reel: Daiwa freams kix 2500
Line: Pe 2 casting PE
Leader: Triumph fluorocarbon Shock Leader 30lb
Lure: Angel Kiss
Working method: Slow retrieving with twitch

Luckly we manage to release this cuda alive safely back to the sea

We went off at around 2 plus as ibr got to work this afternoon, on the way moving out from the breaker i fell, my arm hit the ground first but lol was lucky i did not break my arm only a few cuts here and there. Now my arm and butt still very the pain........:X


  1. Wondering...understand the point of releasing it back to nature but since the fish was dead, why dun you bring it back? You dun eat fish at all?

  2. That was one hell of a fish!! Can't imagine the fight!! Btw how does it feel like to fight a barra??

  3. Hi Anki

    The first fish was dead and gave to someone beside us, the other one was released alive safely back to the sea. We don't release dead fish its a waste and no point, normally dead fish will be bagged home.

  4. Hi Andrew

    Normally we dnt call it barra as barra means barramundi aka KBL. We call this "cuda" barracuda...

  5. The Famous Alan Chan does it again!! Hahahahahaha... I wished you would at least pose abit. Bloody 11lbs Cuda leh!!

  6. Mine is nothing momok, someone got a 16lb liao....." baby i'm not going to let you go!!!"

  7. Happy for all of you bro :-)