Friday, May 8, 2009

1 PB post

LOL its my turn to post a 1 PB report hahaha ( some of you might know what i mean about that kekeek) best of all its not even landed by me, Finally yuki mondo got his 2nd PB liao hahaha. But anyway we are glad that we found our way into the spot ourself yesterday night. We will be back again for more next time in the morning . So mondo don't worry about not getting PBs k :X



This photo shows that yuki mondo idol is doraemon... So cute.....

After releasing the Pb we fished for awhile and went off to spot 2 for some recee, it was a old saltwater spot for kims and groupers. The biggest Kim i had landed there was a nice 4kg 1 year ago.

Nothing was landed yesterday night

But soon the place will be closed to public :(

4.15am we leave and went for breakfast at my place


About 5am after the food both of us were sleepy and tired , when we went over to take our car lol some stupid uncle park his car in front of us. We waited for about 15mins no one came and we started to horn abit hope that he knew that his car is blocking us. Still No responds agr!!!!! i'm bored !!! and start to shout for him hahaha moments later he came.

Finally we get to go home and sleep hahaha

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