Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hot sunny day

Yesterday early in the morning met up with Ibr and yuki mondo for breakfast and head off to Lure's Graveyard. When we reach the mosquitoes and sandy was happy to see us lol and start feeding on us, till now my legs are so itch. After setting up everything and putting on some insect repellent we started casting, on this trip i told myself no to use any hard lures

hahaha you know what? i did not bring any hard lures for the trip kekeke

I'll just concentrate on rubbers only.

yuki mondo saw a badly injured 1 kg size kim stuck in the shallow , water was going down if we were not there to safe him he might be dead for sure. We bring it up and released the fish back to the sea, at least he had a chance now. LOL we name the fish Pinky.

Pinky seems like do not wanna leave us he just kept swimming around us for the whole day hahaha

After quite awhile of casting suddenlly ibr shouted " oh shit oh shit i cast my lure to a shallow danger zone i lost my sobat there before oh shit " lifting up his rod high and fast cranking the lure back, that was not the funniest part lol on the way back a fish intend to take his lure fish turn and got myself fool hooked on his back.

A nice kilo size kim


After helping ibr on some photos taking i went back to his spot and casted right into the danger zone that he cought the kim. Once my white still hunt touch water i close my bail arm WTH goal keeper sia... fish took the still hunt while it sinks. Oh shit oh shit my turn to say that lol fish was swimming into the structure very nearby i pump and pump try to stop the fish from swimming in but .... sad.... the hook came off.

After the lost everything seems to quiet down weather was so damn hot so we call it a day after awhile and head down to beach rd for kopi.

kekeke ibr got himself a pack of still hunt at AO :X..

Ok thats all for now i'm going off to fish liao wish me luck k hahaha, weather today will be hot fking damn hot pls drink more water if you are anywhere out doors hahahaha.

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