Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Photobucket monthly Bandwidth yesterday had reset back to zero liao all my photos are up and running... but... i think the 25GB monthly Bandwidth is not enuff for me lor. i just check my acc lol only 1 day i have already used 6.6GB liao how can it survive till month end?

Or i really need to upgrade to a Photobucket Pro?

Oh ya lol take a look at the pics below....


HAHA yes its an letter from PUB i kena fine liao yeah!!!!! lol


  1. Go pro la. looks like that will solve your problem for good.

    The PUB latter? Kekekekeke I got it too.
    Its the transportation charges for helping us get to the right place lo. Though a little bit more than regular taxi fare, but hey, the PUB staff need pay you know, and we are doing our little part, paying them to "guide" us lol.

  2. lol... Professional Guides... White Lorry some more... just in case you get lost in the wilderness.

  3. how much is the fine ?